The Center for Urban Sustainability of Dizengof Center

Dizengof Center’s concept of sustainability led Them to establish an urban sustainability center on our green roof, which includes various projects: sustainable food – a greenhouse for the cultivation of vegetables using a hydroponic method, urban nature – beehives, a garden attracting butterflies, insect hotel, a trees nursery, “Building vegetation” garden and more. At the farmyard of Dizengoff Center, a substantial professional composter facility was placed, which is about 10 meters long, has a volume of 22,000 liters, and weighs 4 tons.
The facility can handle about half a ton to a ton of organic waste per day on site.
And produces about 10 tons of compost per month, which will transfer for use by the municipality and the public.

The roof is open to everyone.
Guided tours and workshops for groups can be booked (for a fee).