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Mezcalito, Mexican street food

“Mezcalito” Tel Aviv’s best Mexican street food just opened on Herzl’s corner of Florentin, next to Florentin’s long-standing Mexican restaurant (The Maskal). A large oven in the depths of the kitchen produces slices, from which five filling options emerge, which are matched with four platforms.You can choose between barbeque (beef […]

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Amiram Pub

On the corner of Ussishkin Street, a wall painting depicting a Guinness beer exudes endless tranquility. A small bar in Ta’aruha 8 has been operated for more than 40 years behind old wooden doors. Since Amiram and his wife decided to de-tap and see the world, the bar has undergone […]

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Schnitt brewing company

A Tel Aviv brew-pub on 12 Arba’a Street. Open every day from noon; seating is accessible without a reservation, you will go to the bartender who will pour you something, order a snack nearby, sit where you want, outside in the square or inside the central space. You will always […]

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Habashush spice shop

Lewinsky Market is one of the most attractive places to spend a day off, especially now that this small and busy street has been turned into a sidewalk with chairs scattered around, with no vehicles. The “secret” Habashush spice shop is closed by a heavy metal door, which is only […]

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The Milk & Honey distillery

ISRAEL’S FIRST WHISKY DISTILLERY, founded in 2012, Named after the biblical Jewish promised land of milk and honey.  M&H is part of a new generation of distillers producing whisky in decidedly hot climates, which create flavor profiles all their own. VISIT DISTILLERY One-hour tour, you will learn about the history and […]

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The Dancing Camel Brewing Company

The Dancing Camel Brewing Company, established in 2005, was Israel’s first microbrewery. Located in a old biulding from-1933 converted grain storage facility, Dancing Camel is the only working brewery in Tel Aviv Bar at the Brewery- he Bar at the brewery boasts 8 taps, all our own beers one of […]

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Molly Blooms Irish Pub

What : The first Iris Pub in Israel. links :