Pharmacy Al Kamal: A Legacy of Healing in Jaffa Since 1924

Step into the historic world of Pharmacy Al Kamal on Yafet Street in Jaffa, a beacon of healthcare and tradition since its inception in 1924 by Yosef Kamal Jedai, an Istanbul-educated pharmacist.

In the early 20th century, Yosef Kamal Jedai, after completing his studies in Istanbul, established Pharmacy Al Kamal. This establishment quickly became a fixture in Jaffa, serving not only the local residents but also British soldiers stationed in the area.

A Family Tradition: The legacy of care and expertise continued with Yosef’s son, who furthered his pharmaceutical education in Beirut in the 1950s, ensuring that the family’s dedication to healthcare and community service lived on.

Pharmacy Al Kamal stands out with its striking green facades, a visual landmark on Yafet Street. The choice of color reflects the healing nature of the establishment and links to Yosef Jedai’s later studies in Liverpool, England.

The pharmacy provides modern medical services and preserves its rich history. The antique medicine cabinets and furniture, adorned with English inscriptions, are a window into the past, connecting generations of patrons to the pharmacy’s enduring legacy.

Pharmacy Al Kamal is more than just a pharmacy; it’s a testament to a family’s commitment to health and community through the ages. Its unique blend of history, tradition, and modern service continues to make it a cherished part of Jaffa’s heritage.

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