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Pharmacy Al Kamal: A Legacy of Healing in Jaffa Since 1924

Step into the historic world of Pharmacy Al Kamal on Yafet Street in Jaffa, a beacon of healthcare and tradition since its inception in 1924 by Yosef Kamal Jedai, an Istanbul-educated pharmacist. In the early 20th century, Yosef Kamal Jedai, after completing his studies in Istanbul, established Pharmacy Al Kamal. […]


Muza Park

A 90 dunams orchard connects the Eretz Israel Museum with Tel Aviv and the public as a whole, on the museum’s west side. There’s an ecological pool, a renovated textile house and flour mill, a sundial square, a bunch of museum-owned archeological exhibits, lawns, mulberry trees, plants from Israel and […]

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The new light rail in Tel Aviv

Red Line runs through some of Tel Aviv’s busiest neighborhoods, like Jaffa and Rothschild Boulevard, to connect Bat Yam to Petah Tikva. There are 34 stops on the Red Line between Bat Yam and Petah Tikva in Tel Aviv (nine stations in the south and eight in the northeast). There […]


The Workers’ Dormitory H

As part of the Histadrut housing project, dormitories are housing units consisting of blocks of apartments with international-style floors. The construction of one-story private homes began in 1933, but as immigration increased to Eretz Israel, high-rise buildings were built. These buildings are exceptional in size among the international style buildings. […]

Near Tel Aviv

The Lod Mosaic Center

In a Tel Aviv suburb, an exceptionally well-preserved Roman floor mosaic depicting fish, animals, birds, and ships has been returned after a decade-long tour of some of the world’s top museums. It was discovered during highway construction in 1996, but it wasn’t displayed until 2009 after sufficient funding was donated […]

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The Afeka Caves – 2023

The Afeka Caves are a concentration of ancient Samaritan burial caves. Their location is west of the Ayalon Lanes, north of the Ramat Aviv 3 neighborhood, and southeast of Gelilot. During the construction of the coastal railway in 1951 and again during rescue excavations for the Ayalon roads in 1989, […]


Tel Aviv Says No to Winter

If you suffer from the winter blues in Europe or the US, there is nothing better than Tel Aviv’s 17 degrees Celsius (62.6 Fahrenheit) weather and 300 rain-free days each year. Tel Aviv is promoting winter getaways in Tel Aviv through a promotional campaign. The campaign uses three short, 15-second […]