The Afeka Caves – 2023

The Afeka Caves are a concentration of ancient Samaritan burial caves. Their location is west of the Ayalon Lanes, north of the Ramat Aviv 3 neighborhood, and southeast of Gelilot. During the construction of the coastal railway in 1951 and again during rescue excavations for the Ayalon roads in 1989, caves were discovered.

Seven caves were discovered during the first excavation in 1951. Each unit has a staircase leading to a courtyard with benches. Various tools and coins from the 4th and 5th centuries were also found during the excavations of the graves. There were statues on the site that were used to block access to the tombs in Samaritan writings.

Eight other caves were excavated in 1989, including lamps, pots, utensils, rings, and a concentration of 100 coins. A Roman coin from the 3rd century AD was used as a pendant.

It is an easy, flat route that is suitable for walking with children. The parts that combine stones and take you down to the caves are less ideal for strollers, but you can still do it with a baby carrier.

This walk is about two kilometers long, but you don’t have to do it all – you can choose when to turn back.

There is no entrance fee, and dogs are welcome (there is a dog park near the Grove).

Register with WAZE at “Yihiel Dov Drezner 95, Tel Aviv (Ramat Aviv C), and park on the street. Walk a few minutes along the path that begins at the end of the street, and you’re there.