The new light rail in Tel Aviv

Red Line runs through some of Tel Aviv’s busiest neighborhoods, like Jaffa and Rothschild Boulevard, to connect Bat Yam to Petah Tikva.

There are 34 stops on the Red Line between Bat Yam and Petah Tikva in Tel Aviv (nine stations in the south and eight in the northeast). There are three stations in Bnei Brak, two in Ramat Gan and 12 in Tel Aviv. Ten of them are underground.

234,000 passengers will be carried daily on trains arriving every six minutes.

Rav Kav cards or apps let you enter and exit stations. Each station has a ticket machine accessible to vision- and hearing-impaired people, which lets passengers buy and load Rav Kav cards with credit cards, validate multiple passengers, and choose destinations. A few accept cash.

The cars are accessible for wheelchairs and strollers and are equipped with advanced LED lighting, a Wi-Fi network, and information screens

. The cars also feature air conditioning, USB ports, and real-time train location and speed monitoring. They are designed to provide a comfortable and safe journey for passengers.d of course, a complimentary bag of popcorn to make your journey even more enjoyable!