Habashush spice shop

Lewinsky Market is one of the most attractive places to spend a day off, especially now that this small and busy street has been turned into a sidewalk with chairs scattered around, with no vehicles. The “secret” Habashush spice shop is closed by a heavy metal door, which is only half-open, as if only knowledgeable. When you enter a strong smell of spices immediately reaches the nose, and large sacks of spices pop up from all sides. Aryeh Habashush’s father opened the business in 1931 in Jaffa, when in 1947 the store moved to Lewinsky. You will find there an inconceivable selection of spices, legumes, dried fruits, and even some things related to mysticism. The secret is in the good prices, explains Arie and rare things, which can not be found anywhere among them mummy – a spice that is a kind of medicine for muscles, goji berry, Coconut sugar, saffron, spices for meatballs, fresh turmeric root and you can even find real orchid powder.