The Secret Beach in Tel Aviv

In contrast to the Tel Aviv beaches – which, although each has its character, most of which are externally similar – the secret beach of Sde Dov has reefs, rocks, natural ponds, coastal vegetation, and quite a few fish and seabirds. In addition, the sand is less sterile and contains […]


Givon Square

Givon Square is cut off from the city’s roads, and It’s a piazza. The area of ​​the square has undergone significant renovation. The parking lot disappeared and became ground, with no less than five floors of parking underfoot. The surface of the square has been renovated, several eateries have begun […]


B&G Guitars

The largest guitar factory in the country, The factory was established in 2015 by 3 partners,  the guitars are made of wood that came from South America, and here the wood will become fine guitars of all kinds – classical, acoustic, and electric. The factory has been here for about […]

Eat & Drink

Schnitt brewing company

A Tel Aviv brew-pub on 12 Arba’a Street. Open every day from noon; seating is accessible without a reservation, you will go to the bartender who will pour you something, order a snack nearby, sit where you want, outside in the square or inside the central space. You will always […]

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Habashush spice shop

Lewinsky Market is one of the most attractive places to spend a day off, especially now that this small and busy street has been turned into a sidewalk with chairs scattered around, with no vehicles. The “secret” Habashush spice shop is closed by a heavy metal door, which is only […]


Shafar Alley

Shafar Alley is a hidden path to the tools, in the middle of the road between the Carmel Market and the Nahalat Binyamin pedestrian mall. A path, which has meanwhile been covered with asphalt, passes to 10 plots in the center.


Yitzhak Sadeh House

Beit Yitzhak Sadeh is a site that includes the house Where Yizhak Sade lived in his final years and The garden around him. The house is built on a cliff that overlooks the sea at the end of Jaffa and forms Part of a small and unique neighborhood built at […]


Hill Square

Hill Square, located near the south bank of the Yarkon River,It was named after Major General John Hill, the division commander who led the Yarkon’s second and most successful campaign in Sinai and Israel. Excavations in the square revealed burial caves and the remains of settlements from the fourth millennium […]

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The Center for Urban Sustainability of Dizengof Center

Dizengof Center’s concept of sustainability led Them to establish an urban sustainability center on our green roof, which includes various projects: sustainable food – a greenhouse for the cultivation of vegetables using a hydroponic method, urban nature – beehives, a garden attracting butterflies, insect hotel, a trees nursery, “Building vegetation” […]