Israel of the Past Museum

Founded in 2012, the Israel of the Past Museum is a private museum that tells the story of the products that made Israel famous in the past. It takes us on a tour of Israel from the 1940s to the 1970s and shows the various products we used to find in the multiple stores back then – groceries, perfume, children’s, games, fashion, etc.

Over the years, the museum has collected various items from that period, such as posters, advertisements, store signs, products, packaging, and objects found in former pharmacies and factories.

Each person visiting the place brings back memories of their mother’s or grandmother’s house or childhood.

Museum location: The museum is close to the flea market and has been housed in an Ottoman house from the beginning of the century.

Museum hours: The museum is only open for events, group visits, and management meetings, as well as on tours that I lead in the flea market.