Beit Yitzhak Sadeh

Beit Yitzhak Sadeh is a site that includes the house Where Yizhak Sade lived in his final years and The garden around him. The house is built on a cliff that overlooks the sea at the end of Jaffa and forms.
Part of a small and unique neighborhood built at the end Years of the British Mandate By the Arab construction company “Riyadh.”
The neighborhood was built using the “modern” method and “industrialized” in the spirit of the period of Europe After World War II. The houses were intended for the residence of officials and British officers. Yitzhak Sadeh arrived with his wife, Margot. And their son Yoram in February 1949 and lived there until his death In August 1990. In those years – three of The first years of the State of Israel – the house served as a meeting place for many of the participants in the campaign. Its established military personnel, warriors, political leaders, writers, poets, and theater people. The house in Jaffa was Yitzhak Sadeh’s first permanent home after many years of wandering life. And underground, he invested much effort and creative power in cultivating it. Tel Aviv Municipality, via The well-known garden architect Avraham Karavan, assisted him in the planning, design, and planting of the unique garden,
And in the choice of vegetation that withstood the harsh sea winds. Yitzhak Sadeh placed his command car in the garden, As commander of the IDF’s first armored brigade and a stone monument in memory of Maccabi Products, one of the commanders.
The convoys that fell in the battles for the breakthrough to Jerusalem. He installed paths made of Jerusalem stone, her son. Stone benches, hewn in cliff steps to the beach) that collapsed over the years (and adorned the archeological garden exhibits.